If you’ve suffered a personal injury at work, your main priority isn’t going to be about the compensation you can potentially claim. Your primary focus will be to ensure you recover fully from the injuries you suffered by getting the correct medical treatment.

When you feel ready, you may want to seek some information on receiving an appropriate amount of compensation for the accident, if you believe it occurred through no fault of your own.

Don’t feel like on your own, or stray away from potentially agitating your employers. Many people suffer personal injuries at work. The number of work-related non-fatal injuries reported to the health and safety authority climbed to 9,335 in 2019. So you’re definitely not on your own here. Many people have been in the same situation as you, and many people have been successful in getting deserved compensation.

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The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 sets out the rights and obligations of both employers and employees and provides for substantial fines and penalties for breaches of the health and safety legislation.

We definitely recommend carrying out a bit of research on the act before deciding whether to pursue a claim, all regulations and orders made under the act can be read here.

How long after an accident at work can I claim?

The Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004, states that all personal injury claims must be started within two years of when the accident occurred. Any time after the two years, any attempts to make a compensation claim is typically barred. Although there are certain exemptions to the two-year statute of limitations. If you’d like to learn whether you may still have a case we recommend that you carry out a free online assessment on our site today.

How much do you get for injury at work?

This is usually the crucial question for people seeking appropriate compensation for injuries suffered in the workplace. It’s one that nobody can answer through a general article or feature. Every case is different. When you search the internet, you’re going to come across companies that offer ‘accident at work claim calculators’. Not even these will give you the instant answer you want.

You’ll need to be patient, talk to the right people, share details related to your case and only then will you be able to get the answer to this question.

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