A maximum award of €15,000 has been awarded to a Traveller Community member against a hotel for discrimination in a significant case for the Traveller Community and businesses.

The Workplace Relations Commission has found in favour of a Traveller woman in an anonymised case. She claimed that she was discriminated against by a hotel where she was considering having her wedding reception.

The woman first contacted the hotel in July 2019 by email about holding her wedding there. She received an email response that was “positive and congratulatory in tone” from the hotel’s wedding coordinator that same day, inviting her to a wedding showcase event the following day.

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The coordinator asked how many guests would be attending, and was told 100-120. The email address being used by the woman did not disclose her surname.

On the day of the event, there were further email communications. The coordinator asked for the woman’s surname in one message.

In response, the woman supplied both her surname and that of her fiance. After that, the exchange came to an end.


The woman told the WRC that when she turned up at the hotel, the coordinator, “Ms A”, was “rushed” with her, and did not bring her on a venue tour. Ms A told her she would be in contact about available dates.

Two days later, the complainant contacted Ms A inquiring about dates but received no response.

“The complainant submitted that she and her family members, who attended the wedding showcase with her, present as, and are readily identifiable as, members of the Traveller community,” Mr Flaherty said.

The woman said her treatment had left her feeling “devastated, humiliated and like a second-class citizen”.

The hotel failed to appropriately respond to the complaint and did not attend the oral hearing scheduled for the case, Mr Flaherty noted.

The woman was supported at the WRC by the Flac Traveller Legal Service.

In a statement issued through Flac, she said it was a “very satisfying feeling, that we as Irish Travellers do matter, and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity”.

Can I Make a Claim For Discrimination?

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Original Source: The Irish Times