A youngster who broke his arm in a summer camp received €34,000 personal injury compensation recently at the High Court in Dublin.

It was revealed during the case that the boy, who was aged nine when the incident occurred, only had frozen meat applied to his arm in first-aid treatment after the accident.

Erwan Rafferty Louis had been playing a game of rounders at the summer camp in Castleknock Golf Club when he fell over. A games supervisor, who had been running close to him during the activity, accidentally fell on top of the young boy.

Erwan, of Castleknock, Dublin 15, broke bones in his left arm due to the accident. It was noted that the only treatment he received afterwards at the camp was the application of a piece of frozen meat to his arm.  He didn’t receive any further treatment until his mum called to the club and took him to the hospital.

X-rays from the A&E Department of Temple Street Children’s Hospital showed the boy had suffered fractures to both bones in his left forearm.

The injured arm was placed in a cast and sling, and a week later, he had to undergo correctional K-wire surgery.

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Personal Injury Compensation

Through his mother, Erwan, now 14, sued Castleknock Golf Club and Dublin-based companies BRBM Golf and Leisure; Cglf Limited and Glenveagh Properties Plc.

The Injuries Board had assessed compensation at €32,000, and a settlement on behalf of all defendants had been made to the boy, along with almost €1,600 in special damages.

Barrister Gareth Kinsella provided a legal opinion to the court, stating that though he felt the course supervisors’ behaviour to have been egregiously inappropriate and inadequate after the accident, he felt that the personal injury compensation the settlement was a good one.

Judge O’Connor, who said the first-aid treatment was egregiously inappropriate and inadequate, approved a compensation offer of almost €34,000 to the boy on behalf of the four defendants.

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Original Source: The Irish Times