Work accident claims can be stressful for many people who fall victim to an unfortunate accident in the workplace.

If you’ve suffered from an injury due to an accident in your workplace, try not to overthink the issue or brush it under the carpet in fear of your job because workplace accidents happen pretty frequently, and you aren’t on your own on this one.  A HSA report showed that there were 8622 accidents reported in Ireland in 2016, and these figures have remained around this level in the years after.

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I Had an Accident at Work What Are My Rights?

You could have a right to seek compensation for any pain and injuries caused by the accident, and you can also recover losses; an example of this is lost income if the accident was through no fault of your own. It’s also important to remember that your employer cannot sack you for doing this, a key point as a fear of losing a job can be quite off-putting to many people.

The first step to recovery is to focus on your injuries and get proper medical treatment, don’t ignore it.  The next thing you’ll want to do is find yourself a quality solicitor with a proven track record in dealing with work injury claims. Don’t go searching for injury at work claim calculators and assume the issue will be dealt with from there.  Carry out proper research, read online reviews, listen to recommendations from other people that may have suffered a personal injury at work, and don’t delay for too long before taking action.

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Accident at Work – How Long to Claim?

The general rule is that you have two years to make a work accident claim from the date the accident occurred.  However, in certain circumstances, these rules have adjusted in the past, but it’s best to take action within two years.

Accident at Work Employers Responsibilities?

Your employer has a legal obligation to maintain a safe workplace for all employees, and they will also have a duty to report any accidents or dangerous occurrences to the Health and Safety Authority.

Every business must have a health and safety policy in place and ensure that all employees have access to it.  Workplace accidents can also be the result of human behaviour, an example of this being rushing jobs and taking shortcuts when fulfilling your duties, always carry out your duties in a professional manner whilst following your employer’s health and safety policy.

Would You Like To Learn More About Work Accident Claims?

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