Many people often wonder can they claim compensation for a fall? “Surely not; it was my own misdoing”, you might say.  Maybe it wasn’t. Perhaps it was down to a slippery surface left in a hazardous condition and should have been cleaned or a damaged footpath that should have been repaired.

If you have been injured in a slip, trip or fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation, so don’t rule out the possibility before querying the matter.  Too often, trip or slip accidents can be hushed by victims because they are embarrassed by what happened. You simply want to get back to their feet and move on from it as soon as possible.

However, the reality is, a trip, slip, or fall can cause severe damage and inconvenient injuries.  Injuries that could rule you out of work or have a negative impact on your life.

What Is The Average Compensation Payout For a Slip or Fall?

It’s impossible to determine the average payout for a slip or trip accident before carrying out a full assessment of the incident.  Many factors will come into play, including the date of the accident, the circumstances of the accident, what injuries did you suffer, did you require medical treatment afterwards.

When a full assessment has been carried out, you will have much better insight into the potential compensation you may be entitled to.

How do I Make a Claim for a Slip, Trip or Fall Accident?

Whether your slip, trip or fall accident occurs at work or in a public place, it is important to make a note of any useful information.

With the right solicitor by your side and clear information documented, you can then begin to pursue your claim. If the slip, trip or fall was caused by factors beyond your control, you will stand a chance of being compensated for personal damages suffered.

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