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Can I Claim Compensation For a Fall?

Many people often wonder can they claim compensation for a fall? "Surely not; it was my own misdoing", you might say.  Maybe it wasn't. Perhaps it was down to a slippery surface left in a hazardous condition and should have been cleaned or a damaged footpath that should have been repaired. If you [...]

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Woman Receives €83,000 Compensation After Slip Accident In Dunnes Stores

A woman has been awarded €83,000 damages after she was injured in a slip accident within a Dunnes Stores facility located in Dublin. Doris Whelan sued Dunnes Stores for the injuries she sustained after falling over at the retailer’s facility in Walkinstown Co. Dublin in 2013. Mr Justice Michael Hanna said he was convinced [...]

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Child Receives €34,000 In Personal Injury Compensation After Breaking Arm At Summer Camp

A youngster who broke his arm in a summer camp received €34,000 personal injury compensation recently at the High Court in Dublin. It was revealed during the case that the boy, who was aged nine when the incident occurred, only had frozen meat applied to his arm in first-aid treatment after the accident. Erwan [...]

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Road Traffic Accident Claims in Ireland

If you have been involved in a car accident, you'll be fully aware of just how traumatic that experience can be, regardless of how serious the accident was.  Serious injuries can be inflicted, damage will be caused to vehicles, and if you believe the accident was through no fault of your [...]

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Dublin Model Awarded €3.2m in Compensation After Road Accident

A model who suffered a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for weeks after she was struck by a car on a dual carriageway has settled her High Court action for €3.2 million. Ms Regazzoli was 22 years of age and a part-time model and retail assistant when the accident happened in [...]

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Can I Make a Personal Injury Claim?

Suffering from a personal injury is one of the most challenging and traumatic experiences you can endure.  Suffering is not solely limited to physical injury and pain. Other symptoms can include fear, anxiety, depression, embarrassment, reduced satisfaction with life, and psychiatric illness. If you believe you suffered an injury that inflicted [...]

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Traveller who tried to book hotel wedding awarded €15,000 for discrimination

A maximum award of €15,000 has been awarded to a Traveller Community member against a hotel for discrimination in a significant case for the Traveller Community and businesses. The Workplace Relations Commission has found in favour of a Traveller woman in an anonymised case. She claimed that she was discriminated against by a hotel where [...]

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Can I Claim For An Accident At Work?

If you’ve suffered a personal injury at work, your main priority isn’t going to be about the compensation you can potentially claim. Your primary focus will be to ensure you recover fully from the injuries you suffered by getting the correct medical treatment. When you feel ready, you may want to [...]

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