Can I Claim Compensation For a Fall?

Many people often wonder can they claim compensation for a fall? "Surely not; it was my own misdoing", you might say.  Maybe it wasn't. Perhaps it was down to a slippery surface left in a hazardous condition and should have been cleaned or a damaged footpath that should have been repaired. If you [...]

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Woman Receives €83,000 Compensation After Slip Accident In Dunnes Stores

A woman has been awarded €83,000 damages after she was injured in a slip accident within a Dunnes Stores facility located in Dublin. Doris Whelan sued Dunnes Stores for the injuries she sustained after falling over at the retailer’s facility in Walkinstown Co. Dublin in 2013. Mr Justice Michael Hanna said he was convinced [...]

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Child Receives €34,000 In Personal Injury Compensation After Breaking Arm At Summer Camp

A youngster who broke his arm in a summer camp received €34,000 personal injury compensation recently at the High Court in Dublin. It was revealed during the case that the boy, who was aged nine when the incident occurred, only had frozen meat applied to his arm in first-aid treatment after the accident. Erwan [...]

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Can I Make a Personal Injury Claim?

Suffering from a personal injury is one of the most challenging and traumatic experiences you can endure.  Suffering is not solely limited to physical injury and pain. Other symptoms can include fear, anxiety, depression, embarrassment, reduced satisfaction with life, and psychiatric illness. If you believe you suffered an injury that inflicted [...]

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School girl receives €26,000 after crushing finger in fire escape door

At the Circuit Civil Court, Judge Justice John O'Connor approved a €26,000 personal injuries settlement for an eight-year-old schoolgirl. Her left ring finger was crushed when a fire escape door was accidentally closed on it. The Circuit Court was told that Zarabelle O'Neill McAllorum, was only six years old when the accident occurred at her [...]

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Man awarded €16,000 after suffering injury playing footgolf

A top amateur goalkeeper who injured a big toe while playing footgolf has been awarded damages in the Circuit Civil Court against the owner of the Co Dublin course. Stuart O’Dwyer of Glenhill Avenue, Finglas, Dublin 11, and Leinster Senior League goalkeeper for Glasnevin FC, suffered the injury to his big toe and sought [...]

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Woman scalded after glass jug explodes awarded €56,000 in compensation

A woman who was scalded when a glass jug she bought in Dunnes Stores exploded after she poured hot water from a kettle into it has been awarded more than €56,000 damages by a High Court judge. Mr Justice Kevin Cross found the jug did not have a label warning against using it for hot liquids and he [...]

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Boy who fell off a stage during a wedding in Donegal awarded €35,000

Ayoung child who fell off a stage during a wedding ceremony in a Co Donegal hotel has been awarded €35,000 in compensation. The boy, who was aged just four at the time, suffered the accident at the Strand Hotel in Ballyliffin on September 9th, 2017. The youngster appeared with both of his parents at Letterkenny Circuit Court where details of the [...]

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