Can I Claim For An Accident At Work?

If you’ve suffered a personal injury at work, your main priority isn’t going to be about the compensation you can potentially claim. Your primary focus will be to ensure you recover fully from the injuries you suffered by getting the correct medical treatment. When you feel ready, you may want to [...]

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Cork Woman Awarded €189,000 After a Steel Girder Fell On Her At Work

A 52-year old woman who claimed she was left with a scar on her leg which looked like “a shark bite” after a steel girder fell on her at work has been awarded €189,000 by the High Court. Store supervisor Joann Twomey had claimed the scar looked like a “shark bite”. Mr Justice Charles [...]

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Painter with brain injury after accident at work settles case for €3m

A painter who suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling 16 feet (5m) to the ground from a ladder has settled his High Court action for €3 million. Vincent Barry (60) will only get €825,000 of that award because the insurance company involved, based in mainland Europe, has gone into liquidation, the court was told on [...]

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Waitress who cut finger on wine glass awarded €25,000

A Restaurant Owner has been ordered to pay close to €50,000 in damages and legal costs to a waitress who cut her finger while polishing a wine glass. Judge John O’Connor said in the Circuit Civil Court that 24-year-old former waitress Daniela Tricolici ought to have received training in the safe way of polishing wine [...]

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€84k Compensation Awarded To Forklift Operator Over Job Dismissal

A former employee of a paint supply company in Ireland, who was found to be unfairly dismissed after she raised safety concerns, was awarded a sum of €84,759 by the Workplace Relations Commission. The female forklift operator, had a 31-year unblemished record with the employer but was dismissed shortly after raising a number of safety [...]

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