Oil Spill Damage

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Our vast experience with property damage claims has taught us that prompt remediation is critical when dealing with a home or business oil tank leak. When oil tanks leak at your property the damage can be devastating, the effects of oil, kerosene or diesel can cause irreparable damage to your soil, garden and lawn. Oil leaks can also put your family’s or employees’ health at risk, as well as create havoc on the floors, walls and foundations of your property.

Claims Arrow maintains professional relationships with a network of contractors who can clean up any residential or commercial oil leaks or spills.

How to Know if You Might Have an Oil Spill 

  • You will smell a strong odour of oil.
  • You may notice puddles of oil or oil stains near the tank or furnace of your home.
  • You could potentially see discoloured and oily areas stains or seepage on the ground in your yard.
  • When you turn on the water in your house, you will smell oil.

Determining Responsibility: Who Must Pay for the Damage?

Generally speaking, the party responsible for the spill is the party liable to pay for the clean-up and repairs. If a spill has occurred on your property, then you would likely be held responsible (via your homeowner’s insurance policy) to pay for all damages. If the spill originated in a neighbouring home and is affecting your property, the owner or insurance company of the neighbour would be held responsible.

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Claims Arrow can help you avoid the pitfalls associated with insurance claims on oil tank leaks. We work with quality contractors who can assess the damage and take care of the entire clean-up project.

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