Trip & Slip Accidents

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Claims for slips, trips and falls are among the most common personal injury claims filed in the Republic of Ireland and also Northern Ireland. Quite often the fall and subsequent injury suffered are due to the fault of no one but the injured party.  Although, occasionally some slip and trip anccidents can be caused by the negligence of another party, who at the time of the fall had a duty of care towards the injured person.

A lot of people don’t even bother to research whether they could be entitled to compensation even after suffering quite serious injuries.  They’ll automatically assume it was fully their own fault.  But what if it was a wet floor that you went down on that had no warning sign in the surrounding area advising you to walk with caution.  Maybe it was a pothole or broken pavement that caused you to lose your balance? It’s instances like these where you may be entitled to compensation.

Can I make a claim for a trip or slip accident?

Each slip and trip accident is unique and will need to be fully assessed, so it’s advised that you seek legal help immediately if you believe you fell due to no fault of your own.  Normally it’s the person that suffered the injuries due to a fall that was of no fault of their own who must sue for compensation.  But occasionally it can be the family of the victim that pursues the claim if the fall has sadly resulted in death or paralysis, or if the victim is a minor.

How to Make a Claim

It’s very easy to find out if you can make a claim for the trip or slip accident you were involved in. Get in touch with our supportive team at Claims Arrow.  Our service is completely free, and our partners could help you make a no win no fee* compensation claim. Fill in our short online assessment form and submit your enquiry today.

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