Unfair Dismissal Claims

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If you have been made redundant by your employer, under certain conditions, you may have a right to file a claim stating, ‘unfair dismissal’. Unfair dismissal legislation doesn’t protect you from losing your job, but it may allow you to inquire about the fairness of your dismissal and/or file an appeal after the fact.

In some cases of unfair dismissal, it is possible to get your job reinstated. In many cases, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation to replace lost earnings due to the dismissal.


How Much Time Do You Have to File a Claim?

Time is of the essence in cases of unfair dismissal claims. File your claims within six (6) months of the dismissal date. In situations where you can prove a reasonable need to delay the claim, it is possible to request a six (6) month extension (for a total of twelve (12) months) from the dismissal date. In these cases, it is incumbent upon you to present a strong and compelling reason for the delay — stating ignorance of the law will not be sufficient cause to file a late claim.

Under the Unfair Dismissals Acts, the date of your dismissal is the date that the notice you are entitled to expires. If you have worked at least 13 weeks for your employer, you are entitled to a statutory minimum period of notice. Your written contract of employment may set a longer period of notice.

To File a Complaint

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